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Our H6 cylinder is built to h和le the most rugged applications 和 is in high dem和 for clamping, 冲压, 锻造, 弯曲, 倾斜和剪切过程.

Pnuematic-Heavy-Duty - (A4)



For applications where pneumatic cylinders are preferred over hydraulics, 我们的A4重型气动是一个很好的选择.

Medium-Duty-Hydraulic - (H4)



坚固的中型应用, our H4 Medium-Duty Hydraulic Cylinder is a great choice for clamping, 冲压, 锻造, 弯曲, 倾斜和剪切作业.

Permanently-Lubricated-Pneumatic - (L4)



Yates L4 cylinders are designed for high-cycle, long stroke applications. They are additionally well suited for applications that do not offer inline oilers.

Light-Duty-Pneumatic - (A2)



This cylinder is ideal for all types of automation where lightweight pneumatic cylinders are required.

Light-Duty-Hydraulic - (H2)



Our H2 models are a top choice for any application where lightweight hydraulic cylinders are required.



When you’re looking for a reliable tie rod cylinder from heavy-duty to light-duty hydraulics 和 pneumatics, 买足球app推荐有一款肯定能满足你的需求:

  • 孔径从1.5" - 24"
  • 23种不同的挂载类型
  • NFPA、JIC互换性; & 自定义
  • 3年有限保修
  • 特别适用于50英寸直径. 生 & 长度超过48英尺


了解有关自定义买足球app推荐选项与我们的 求推荐好的买球APP配置器.



买足球app推荐圆柱体你的圆柱体源液压缸, 也称为直线液压马达, is a mechanical actuator used in many applications such as manufacturing, 机械, 建筑与土木工程. These cylinders generate their power through 新闻urized hydraulic fluid 和 propel vehicles 和 machines through a unidirectional force. 液压缸的品种很多. 以下是关于这些买足球app推荐你需要知道的:

Tie rod style hydraulic cylinders utilize strong threaded steel rods to secure two end caps to the cylinder’s barrel. There are small-bore style cylinders 和 large bore cylinders. 小口径汽缸通常包含四个拉杆, while large cylinders require as many as 20 tie rods to secure the end caps. Tie rod hydraulic cylinders can be disassembled easily for service, replacement or 自定义ization.

拉杆汽缸vs. 求推荐好的买球APP气瓶

Although both tie rod 和 welded cylinders are utilized in power fluid systems, 它们有明显的区别. The end caps used to keep the cylinders together make the most significant difference. Welded cylinders are manufactured with the end caps fixed to the barrel. The fittings 和 mounts are also welded to each respective cap. 这些设计是静态的,不能改变.

Welded cylinders are more complex 和 expensive than their tie rod counterparts, 但它们也有优势. They are durable, compact 和 can weather high 新闻ures. Because the welded cylinder is compact, they are popular in industries where space is limited. The durability makes these cylinders ideal for harsh settings such as steel mills or offshore oil refineries. However, the complexness of the design makes them more challenging to repair.

另一方面, cylinders of the tie rod variation have four or more threaded tie bolts that hold together the cylinder tube. 连杆买足球app推荐在美国很常见.S. 因为它们很容易修理和拆卸. They have a bulkier design that features static seals between the cylinder barrel 和 the end cap. These designs are often used in plastics or 机械 applications.


几年前, manufacturers decided to adopt criteria to st和ardize linear actuators’ features 和 designs. 端口大小等特性, cylinder dimensions 和 mounting styles have been st和ardized to ensure cylinders are easily interchangeable between manufacturers. This means that any NFPA tie rod air cylinder can be replaced by another cylinder from a certified vendor.

国家流体动力协会是一个美国的.S. organization that currently sets regulations 和 dimensions for hydraulic tie-rod cylinders. NFPA cylinders come in both hydraulic 和 pneumatic versions 和 are available in aluminum, 钢和不锈钢型号. 所有NFPA钢瓶, 也被称为联合工业理事会买足球app推荐, 来与四个拉杆固定与端盖.


Yates 买足球app推荐 is a respected leader in the hydraulics industry. We sell all varieties of cylinder parts, including small 和 large bore options. We also manufacture hydraulic cylinders, all of which are designed to NFPA st和ards. 如果您需要更换或修理NFPA钢瓶, we have the manufacturing mechanisms in place to quickly 和 affordably repair the cylinder. If you need a replacement part for your cylinder to get your manufacturing process running again, we can sell you the part 和 repair any other malfunctioning cylinder mechanisms.

Yates 买足球app推荐 also builds 自定义ized cylinders to be used in various industrial applications, 包括制造业, 建设, 移动机器, 和更多的. 无论你的行业是什么, we can design a tie rod hydraulic cylinder to automate or simplify your industrial process. All of the 自定义 cylinders we build are affordable 和 built to NFPA st和ards to allow for easy repair in the future.


Ideal for dem和ing foundry, steel mill, plastics, 和 冲压 industries. 拉杆买足球app推荐适用范围从夹紧, 剪切和锻造, 弯曲性, 新闻, 和平衡. All our 拉杆买足球app推荐 are manufactured with pride at our St. 克莱尔海岸,密歇根工厂.

24/7 气动和液压缸修理

最优质的汽缸维修 第一个 时间, 每一个 time!

Profit-robbing breakdowns to your pneumatic 和 air cylinders don’t always happen during business hours. That’s why Yates' expert repair team is available 24 hours per day, 每年365天为您处理汽缸维修. In addition to repairs we also offer cylinder replacements. 买足球app推荐买足球app推荐提供以下求推荐好的买球APP:

  • 拉杆汽缸维修 能符合你最初的规格
  • 当我们说24/7时,我们是认真的
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 快速交货和加急
  • ISO 9001:2015认证
  • Warranty on all hydraulic, pneumatic 和 自定义 cylinder repairs

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